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Tabernacle Media Center

Welcome to the Tabernacle Media Center

Every class comes to media every week for a lesson, research and individual reading time. Open circulation is Monday morning from 7:30-7:50 for all students.


Check out Policies

Students check out every week, if they return their books. Damaged or lost books must be paid for before checking out additional materials.

Kindergarteners may check out one book from the Everybody Section.

First graders may check out two books from the Everybody Section.

Second graders will be able to check out books from the Everybody, Fiction and Nonfiction Sections after learning about the Dewey Decimal System.

Third graders may check out two books of their choice.

Fourth and fifth graders may check out three books of their choice. They may also check out playaways after returning a form signed by the parent.


Book Fairs

Two Scholastic Book Fairs are held every year. One is held at the beginning of the school year and another in late winter or early spring. Volunteers are always needed to run the cash register or help set-up/pack-up. If interested, please contact Kim Stemple at (336)629-3533 or